I’ve been based in Lisbon for the past few months, on a self directed residency. One thing that has been brought into focus is how much walking is part of my working process.

Some years ago now (2010), I took part in a week long workshop with Michael Mayhew, at the New Territories International Festival of Live Art. He spent the week challenging, guiding, amusing and questioning us, pulling the group towards a place as individuals we hadn’t been before. Walking was an integral part of this. The week still sits on the edge of my consciousness, as something thats not been fully absorbed even now, but slowly drips through every now and then.

Wandering around this temporary home, over the minutes and occasionally hours, my footsteps gradually become more purposeful – even without a destination in mind. My sense of framing also changes, what is visually interesting to me leaves the stillness of a particular image I draw a mental box around to a place where my constantly changing relationship to light, colour, scale, objects itself provides the arresting moments.

Theres something about purposeful movement that filters through my pre-existing ways of seeing the world in a very direct way. Its something so simple though, to place one foot in front of the other until the rhythm of time takes over. Walking, for its own sake, not for fitness or as transport, just to experience, listen, feel and see.