Thematic explorations

I seek to mine and to resolve the tensions between the abstract and the material, between self and other, and subject and object; to explore patches of synthesis from endless dialectics. In short,  Presence  and Being  are  core  concerns. Works are primarily in interactive or digital media, aiming to draw the participant away from passive viewing, to a place of an amplification and synthesised agency. Art as a teleological machine,  art as a listening in its widest sense.


Possibilities in code and philosophy are as much sources of inspiration as more traditional media. Having trained as a sound healer,  experienced shamanic instruction and rituals in Mongolia and as a practising Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist, the  use of aspects of sound is a key underlying thread.  This may be audible or not, and also extends to the mode of interaction; machine listening embodies a particular epistemological stance.


I have a Masters in Digital Media Arts from Brighton University aswell as an undergraduate degree in Government from LSE. Inbetween I’ve worked at the British Film Institute , an animation company in business affairs/rights management and been a Guilding Lights film distribution mentee.

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I work with interaction, machine listening, video and performance, exploring themes of presence and being.

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